A City Succeeds When People Are Connected.

REACH Collaborative was founded on the belief that the sustainability of our communities and cities is fundamentally linked to the strength of the social fabric that unites us as people. That social fabric is made stronger through individual personal interaction …people engaging (and trusting) other people. REACH is about fostering those daily personal connections, that when added up one person at a time can change the direction of a city.

Our work is intended as a catalyst for a larger movement toward greater civic engagement. This movement starts by offering people the circumstances to connect - and perpetuates through a social enterprise approach to community problem solving.


What's Your Reach?

REACH is not about grand gestures - its about the power of a tidal wave of small ones. One act of generosity, one gesture of support at a time, builds the trust that galvanizes isolated neighbors into a cohesive community.

What step will you take to connect to those you share your community with?